2 Weeks In

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So we are now starting week 3 of the contest. So here is quick update from my perspective.


Probably the hardest part of the workouts so far has been adjusting to getting out of bed and going. I hate mornings. For me having a workout partner is a lifesaver. Knowing that James will be pulling up out front each morning helps get me out of bed the mornings I don’t want to do it. I realize that its a personal thing and I should have the self motivation to go and do it, but there are some days you just need an extra push. It is so easy to skip one day and then that day turns into 2 and so on. It takes weeks, maybe months to form a habit and only a couple to break it. This experience so far has been great in helping me make new habits.

The workouts have been a lot of fun. The linear progression seems to be working well for me. I started with weights that I felt were within reason and have been able to do incremental increases with each workout. While I am not at the heaviest weights I have used, I am not looking to be “greedy” as Rip puts it. I am trying to plan out my work and work my plan. So far I have put on about 8 lbs in 2 weeks so I feel it is working. Of course its an n=1 scenario so we will see how it pans out in the end.


This has been a bit more of a struggle. Trying to put on weight while only eating healthy has been stretching to say the least. Its not so much that its difficult to eat well its difficult to plan it. You can’t just be out somewhere and grab something. Case in point, last weekend we were out shopping and it got late, now with 4 kids you can’t just keep telling them to wait so we figured we could grab a pizza. (I know I know I shouldn’t let them eat that way either but I have to convince everyone that its bad slowly.) I foolishly assumed I would be able to grab a salad…well they didn’t have any left! So while I sat there watching my kids eat pizza I really really really wanted, I had to settle for some cherry tomatoes and I did eat an all beef hot dog. It is situations like that which are the most difficult. The weekends are the hardest because they are unpredictable. I get busy and I don’t eat, I don’t drink, I don’t get big. Its not hard for me to eat its just hard to eat great.

So all in all I feel things are going well. I am excited to see what unfolds throughout the next several weeks.

Train Hard, Train Smart, but most important of all do something

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