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To kick off our very first installment of our athlete interviews we stayed close to home. Brandi Nuse is a member and trainer at CrossFit Hershey. CF Hershey is owned and run by our very own Tim Steel. Brandi has picked up much of the responsibilities of training since we keep Tim so busy here. Brandi is a wife and mother (as you will here from our interview) who does a great job of balancing and intertwining those roles and her roles of athlete and trainer. She has a real passion for “lifting heavy things” as she calls it, and is excited to share that with anyone she can. Some of her favorite things to do are ball slams and sledge swings. Brandi also is an excellent cook and does a great job of mixing the “paleo” life style into this by creating dishes you would never even know were paleo. In fact after listening to her interview make sure you check out her fantastic dessert recipe! Also there are a few closing comments from Brandi that she thought of after she was done.

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5-6 Granny Smith apples (I used apples and cranberries for this one, but fresh blueberries, frozen peaches work really good also)
about 3/4 C. cranberries ( 2 handfuls)
coconut oil (or grass fed butter if you use it)
3/4 C. slivered almonds
1/3 C. chopped pecans
3/4 to 1 C. dried shredded coconut (no sugar added)
cinnamon, nutmeg, or just pumpkin pie/apple pie spice
honey- optional

1. Pre-heat oven to 350
2. Grease your baking dish of choice, I prefer glass pie plate or casserole dish
3. toss 1/2 c. almonds and coconut into blender or food processor and blend until it is almost a rough flour consistency
4. mix your “flour” with the pecans, remaining almonds, desired amount of spices (I give a few good shakes) and melted coconut oil- 1-2 T will be needed, you just want enough that when you mix it the nuts make a crumb.  At this point add 1 T. honey if you are using it and a pinch of salt to your crumb and mix again.
5. peel your apples if desired and slice thinly, toss the apples, cranberries and a bit more spice into the baking dish.  Use your hands and give it a good mix
6. Top with crumb mixture and cover with aluminum foil
7. Bake 20 mins then remove aluminum foil and continue to bake for another 20-25 min (watch closely for the final 10-15 min so that your nuts don’t get too dark
8. ENJOY… I like to warm some coconut milk and put it over the crisp

The amounts are approx. for the crumb, it will depend on how much/little crumb you like with your fruit


Here are few final thoughts from Brandi….
1. along with getting kids to eat, it is ultimately up to the parents to change their habits and kids habits, I have told my clients that kids won’t starve, they will eat when they are hungry…. so don’t give in at the first complaint about veggies instead of mac n cheese or fruit instead of cookies
2. I was thinking about how Christian said where does the drive come from/ motivation to do this….

I ultimately love to lift heavy things haha…. but seeing the difference it has made in my life, my families lives and my clients gives me the reason to continue training myself and my clients.  Seeing my son run around trying pull-ups and doing squats right next to me, hearing from a client that she can finally squat with her hips below her knees is amazing!  seeing her do it in a WOD is even better.  Having  another client who enjoyed veggies but didn’t really eat them because her family wouldn’t, go to the grocery store and literally call me from there to double check what she should be buying and then tell me a week later that her kids loved the fruit and coconut smoothies she made or that her husband had a broccoli omelet in the morning and actually liked it is awesome!  And of course seeing my mom go from dead-lifting under 100# just 3 months ago to pulling 175#X3 and her being so close to a real pull-up makes me happy to go to work every day.

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