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Hey guys. Tim Steel from CrossFit Hershey [ now Performance Fitness TC ]. I wanted to introduce you to Pit Bull Olympic Rings by Christian’s Fitness Factory.

The Pit Bull rings are sold as a pair, and come with a set of 18-foot numbered straps. The rings are made of a high grade plywood that has been sanded down to provide the optimum amount of grip.

The Pit Bull’s grip is rougher when compared to other rings. This increased grip does two things. First, it provides a more natural grip, which is perfect for advanced gymnastics movements—such as the front rise and muscle ups. Second, the increased grip allows more chalk to stick to the rings, decreasing the moisture and increasing the grip even further.

The included 18-foot numbered straps are one-and-a-half inches wide and are made of a heavy-duty nylon. The straps can be hung over any stable bar or beam. By using the numbers, you can quickly adjust the rings to the same height and remove all guesswork and measuring. To adjust the height of the rings, release the latch and simply slide to desired length.

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