Crossfit: Just Physically Strong

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Yes, we know. Every picture, commercial, blog and post telling us how strong CrossFit will make you. Images of men and women with muscles carved perfectly into place, demonstrating what a fit, strong body looks like.  If CrossFit had a math formula it would be this: Do CrossFit=Get Strong.  We get it.

Here’s what most people DON’T get. CrossFit makes you mentally strong. Come with me through this process, I’ll show you. You made the choice to walk into a CrossFit box. That takes guts. You have to put aside all those crazy workouts you hear about, the injuries, and the pictures. You vow to just go and get a good workout and not become “one of them”.  You know the kind.  Now that you’re in the box, all you have to do is the workout that Coach posted. Can’t be that hard, you just started right? They’ll go easy on you.  Wait. That’s the workout they want ME to do?! Don’t they know I can’t do that stuff?! I can’t run a mile! I haven’t ran a mile since high school! 100 squats! My legs are going to fall off! 100 pushups! Who even does that!? Basically, you are in denial. You tell yourself you can’t. It’s impossible. You know yourself better than anybody here, and you just know you can’t. Then here comes the second phase.  I like to call it “Try & Die”. You vow to try and do the whole workout, but surely you are going to die. Suddenly you are trying to remember if you wrote down the correct phone number on your emergency contact form.  Third phase happens during the workout. The “Just” phase.  Just keep running until the corner, just 20 more squats, just 10 more squats, just 2 more squats, just pushups left etc.. So on and so forth. As you come close to completing your first workout, you notice that you have a fan club, cheering you on, telling you that you can do it. Stay strong! Keep your form! You got this! After that last rep, you collapse on the floor wondering if you are dead, but the slew of high fives leads you to believe that you are, clearly much alive.

Wow! You did that! You just did the workout you told yourself you couldn’t do. You beat yourself. You broke your own record. You overcame a once impossible task. Look at you. Your proud. This is typical. It will happen over and over and over again. Workout after workout, you will begin to believe in yourself. You will push yourself harder, and you will just keep going. You will get stronger, faster, healthier.  This seems to trickle down outside of the CrossFit box as well. You gain a sense of confidence. You know that every small step is an accomplishment. You get out of your comfort zone. You apply for that new job, you move to that state you’ve always dreamed about, you start that new business. Why? Why does this happen? It happens because you know you can do it. You have proven to yourself that you can accomplish anything you want!  Did CrossFit make you mentally strong? No. YOU already were mentally strong-it just took CrossFit to show you.


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