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We are often asked if we will give discounts or throw in some free equipment when an order is placed. Hey why not? We all want to get a great deal when buy equipment. The thing that really set Christian’s Fitness Factory apart is that our goal is and always will be to provide every single customer with the very best price possible the first time. We believe that if we can provide you with the best possible equipment at the best possible prices then everyone wins. You will never find us price matching. We already give the absolute lowest price we can and survive. If a company can beat our price then why didn’t they give that price to you up front? You get the honest price the first time from Christian’s Fitness Factory. Oh and if the other guy can beat our price then we applaud them and actually encourage you to purchase from them. We are in this for you, and by all means if they have a better price good on you!

With that being said we do offer up to a 15% discount to a select group of people. Some people laugh at 15% as being ridiculous. The thing is that when we give this discount we have calculated what we can give and then still pay our expenses. As I said before we give you the customer the best price up front. Our reasoning behind the discount to these individuals and groups is such: If its for a LEO, fire fighter, veteran etc, these men and woman sacrifice daily to keep us safe. If we can contribute to keeping them healthy the we want to do so and its our way of saying thank you for their service. For schools, lets face it we all know that the schools are suffering and the kids are our future customers. For gyms and affiliates, these are the people that are buying the quantities that allow us to get the prices we get so we can pass them on to you. The following is our Discount Policy as taken from our web site:

We extend a professional courtesy discount of 10% to:

  1. Armed Forces (Active and Retired)
  2. Law Enforcement
  3. Firefighters
  4. EMS
  5. Personal trainers


We extend a 15% discount on CFF Brand items and 10% on non-CFF brand items to the following establishments:

  1. Commercial gyms
  2. CrossFit® affiliates
  3. Franchise gyms
  4. MMA gyms
  5. Personal training studios
  6. Schools and Universities
  7. Hotels
Terms and Conditions
  • Discount Qualifications:
    • For military, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS we require proof of service (copy of police/fire ID, a .mil email address, discharge papers, etc. )
    • For business discounts, the business must have a physcial address and provide a business tax ID.
    • For personal trainers, please provide a website or gym affiliation.
  • Discounts will not be applied to:
    • Used equipment
    • Special orders
    • Items on sale or marked Clearance
    • Equipment from, but not limited to, the following manufacturers: Concept 2 Rowers, Versa Climbers, Jacobs Ladder, Weksan, Uesaka, and Iron Grip
    • Shipping costs
  • Only after you have been notified of your discount approval will the discounted prices appear on the website.
  • You must be logged into your website account for discounts to be revealed
  • Discounts are only valid for orders placed after your discount status has been approved. Discounts will not be applied retroactively to orders placed prior to discount approval
  • Discount terms and conditions subject to change without notice


We hope this makes sense and we appreciate each and every one of you as our customers and our friends.


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