Drum roll please…

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Where do I begin.  Hi, my name is Jason, and I am an alc… Wait wrong group.  Seriously though, My name is Jason(in case you forgot already), I’m 37 yrs old, married to an amazing woman, and I have 3 awesome kids.  I am also overweight.  Not “The Biggest Loser” overweight, mind you, but overweight that I am no longer able to hide it with loose clothing.  Since puberty I have never been a “skinny” kid, but at the same time, usually pretty fit.  A few years ago I was going to the gym everyday, and was probably in the best shape of my life, but as what happens more often than not, life got in the way, and now my belly does.  Not after this contest.  My goal weight is 185 lbs.  With starting out today at 233lbs, that would be a loss of 48lbs.   That’s over 20% of my current weight.  I am going to achieve this goal by starving myself maintaining a better diet and working out, rigorously.  I hope to update this very often, with the ups and the downs.  Regardless of who wins the contest, at the end I think we will all be winners for bettering ourselves(Don’t believe that for a second, I want the money!!!  LOL)  Off to eat some carrots!

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