Getting Started

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I am coming in at 5′ 8″ and a whopping 220 lbs. In the past I was seriously into bodybuilding, but currently the only thing I have bin building is a gut. It was not until the other day, when I looked over at my wife Lisa and new born son Nicholas and felt they deserve a better me. So instead of complaining about it and sulking, I have thrown out a challenge to the whole company as well as the companies we share a building with at Christian’s Fitness Factory. Lose the most weight (Fat) or gain the weight (Muscle) and the company will give one lucky winner $500. I felt this would be a great motivation for everyone including me. I mean, why would I want to loose $500.
So here I go. I just came home and my wife says that she wants a Chili’s burger. Great, what a way to start. I thought I would get one too, but then my wife said no. I thought I could start on Monday with the diet, but then it dawned on me, there will always come another Monday until one day you realize you are just lying to yourself.
So what did I have dinner?
-3 Egg whites
-Hand full of raw spinach
-Hand full of salad greens
-Cooked carrots (Plain)
-1/2 potato
-A sprinkle of sunflower seeds
-about an ounce of a Dijon Vinaigrette
-Glass of Skim Milk

My goal is to drop 40 lbs and put back on a ton of memory muscle. I do not want to be a bodybuilder anymore, but through a combination of Crossfit and Bodybuilding, become the best athlete that I was built to be. Let the race begin!!!

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