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The following review was used by permission of Gary Ohm. The original review appeared on the CrossFit™ Message boards and can be located at

Here is a review of some kettlebells I recently purchased from Christian’s Fitness Factory. First the standard disclaimer; I have nothing to do with CFF except that I am a fan..

I bought two 70# body solid kettlebells. I had recently bought another 80# bell from another company and I was looking for something to attack myself from a different angle. When I first talked to Noah about them, he said that they were not a big seller because the handles were too thick for most people. I thought “yeah, yeah, yeah… big handle, hard on the grip… blah, blah, I taught John Brookfield everything he knows, yada, yada, yada…”

Whelp… These handles are HUGE!!!  The finish is also smooth. On my dragon door reds I sanded the paint off to get down to the bare metal because I did not like the smooth finish. I don’t know what the technical difference is, but I have no intention of sanding these down. This finish is far better than that of the dragon door reds.
I am using these, and they are a tremendous workout on the hands and grip and forearm. These kettlebells are going to be the mainstay of any grip work that I do.

I have been using them in a kettlebell complex that seems to be working well for me. I do ten minutes of getups/windmills with my 53’s, then 10 minutes of alternate hand swings with these 70# body solids, then 10 minutes of long cycle clean and press with the 53’s, and then ten minutes of alternating hand high pulls with my Troy 80#.

This combination works just about everything to the limit.
I would highly recommend Christians Fitness Factory and these Body Solid kettlebells if you want a thick handled kettlebell to REALLY work your hands. The finish is better than dragondoor in my opinion and they are very well made and are a fraction of the price of dd’s. These body solids “only” go up to 75 pounds… If you can snatch or work doubles with more than that on these body solids, I want an autographed picture…

Noah was concerned with the shipping on these. With bells this heavy they sometimes arrived dinged up. Noah went way out of his way and arranged to have them shipped directly from the big warehouse professionally packed. They arrived VERY fast, ding free, and with no extra handling charges. Noah took very personal care of me.

Bottom line on these body solid kettlebells is that they are AWESOME!

Side note: I really have never met John Brookfield and I have nothing but respect for the guy. He is one of my grip strength guru’s. What I wrote above was meant as a joke…

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