Legend 4-Way Utility Bench Review

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This review is used by permission of the author and was first posted at BodyBuilding.com. The original review can be viewed here. The author did not purchase this equipment from us so this review is of the equipment only.

Bear with me here, this is my first review and I’m still pretty excited from receiving this today!

I finally made the switch to a rack a few weeks ago but could not decide on a bench to go with it. Looked at several and read several posts and reviews here but nothing seemed to really satisfy me. I decided I was just going to have to look at a higher price bracket and ran across the Legend 4way utility bench. Decided I had save a lot of $$ buying most all of my other equipment on CL so I could justify the splurge on this piece, not to mention the fact that the bench is really a foundation piece and I didn’t want to skimp.

Legend is only about an hour drive from here but at the time I placed my order I did not realize I could buy direct from them so ordered from another company and then it was dropped shipped to me. Any future Legend purchase however I plan to order direct and see if I can pick it up at the factory hopefully saving on the freight bill.

I ended up meeting the truck about a half mile from my house to save him the headache of trying to navigate our neighborhood.

It was sent fully assembled and definitely no complaints with their packing. The truck driver kept talking about how it looked like the pallet was overkill. The pallet was listed at a weight of 180lbs and surprising easy to handle. Of course, we just slid it from the trailer into my truck and then I slid it from the truck to the driveway, LOL.

I have to admit that prior to ordering I had emailed requesting the weight capacities on this bench since I hadn’t seen any listed. Once seeing this in person, I am now embarrassed that I asked. It certainly is built like a tank. The adjustments are easy with a pull pin for the seat back and another for the seat. The leg rest/handle also has a pull pin but just for removal. It was actually shipped not attached and wrapped securely in several layers of bubble wrap inside of crate. The first thing I noticed is after getting on it is the foam. Very rigid which is a great change from my old York I am replacing. Next there is absolutely no wobble. I purchased my York bench about 15 years ago and I guess had just gotten used to the lateral movement when getting in position and frequently feeling the edges of the backboard of the seat when laying on it. Never knew what I was missing until now.

Goes from 1 decline setting to nearly full 90 and several stops in between. Of course those in between stop are going to take some getting used to. Today was a chest,shldr,tri day and I had waiting to workout until this arrived. My York was basically flat, 45, or 90. I started my incline work at I believe 60 instead of the 45 I was used and definitely made a difference. Going to have fun see how the different angles are going to change my workouts. And again I can’t begin to tell you how solid this thing is. Just recently getting back into this I’m certainly not moving any massive weights, but I would be surprised to ever reach a point where I would actually challenge this bench. One thing I’m going to have to get used to though is the length of the seat back. Especially in incline I feel the top of my head at the end of the bench. I’m 6’3″ and would prefer the length to be about another 2 to 3 inches, but figure I’ll eventually get adjusted to it and won’t notice it at all. The width of the bench is just slightly more narrow than the York I’ve been using and actually feels better but again I’m sure there will be an adjustment curve for a few sessions due to the change.

The wheels are very smooth and makes moving around really a breeze. I’m sure having to actually lug this beast around would get old after a while, the wheels definitely take care of that.

I certainly have no complaints or regrets about the purchase. Actually looking forward to hopefully upgrading my CL Bodysolid rack to a Legend Louie Simmons at some point.

If you are interested in purchasing a Legend 4-Way Utility Bench please visit us online at ChristiansFitnessFactory.com

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