My Contest Start

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So I am going to be part of the Biggest Looser/Gainer Contest. I had to weigh in today and it was kind of sad. I came in at a strapping 123 lbs. At 5’6″ I think that I could stand to put on a few pounds. My goal weight by the end of the competition is to be close to 150. This is going to be difficult for me as I have never been over 135 in my life.

My plan is to closely follow the CrossFit Football workout schedule especially the strength WOD. The way they put this together follows closely Rippetoe and Kilgore’s Starting Strength program. My goal is to go with a primal/paleo diet and drink lots of milk. I would really like to put on the muscle without using supplements and protein powder.  I am very excited about this and truly believe that I will be able to win the contest.

I will be updating this often

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