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They’re what we all want. They’re why we start something new. They’re the desired outcome from the work we put in. You want to lift heavier, run further, become more flexible, and eat healthier? How do you get there? How can you ensure you get the results you want? 

Results should be measurable.

You should be able to see your progress. You should see yourself getting, stronger, faster, and leaner. This is exciting stuff! Results are the driving force pushing us to keep going and challenge ourselves further. When you see results, you know your efforts are paying off.

If results are what you’re after, then you must track everything. Track your food and dietary habits. If you bite it, write it! Every bite counts! This will show you if and where changes are needed. Track your workouts and physical activity.

If you don’t know where you started, how will you know how far you’ve come?

Track your sleep. Sleep is important to our bodies in numerous ways and should be recorded. When you do not have adequate sleep, your workouts may be slower and less intense, and your food choices may be less than ideal.

scale | image: pixabay, CC0

scale | image: pixabay, CC0

Snowball effect

When you start seeing results, it causes a snowball effect. When we see ourselves crush our barriers and our limitations, it propels us forward. Results become addictive. If I can overcome these limitations, what else can I do? You start setting bigger goals for yourself. Your challenges get harder. YOU get better!

There are many tools available to help you effectively achieve your desired results. There are online trackers that will help calculate your food, activity and sleep goals.

Check your apps! There are plenty of free apps you can download and use, such as pedometers and activity trackers. We live in the age of technology and there are many gadgets that will calculate all of this for you; arm bands, wristbands, and even shoes that connect with your computer.

Don’t forget to ask questions. If you know somebody who runs a 7 minute mile, ask how he or she got there. You’ll probably get the story behind the accomplishment, and you may just get inspired!

view from Mt. Everest | image: Carlos Pauner, Wikipedia

view from Mt. Everest | image: Carlos Pauner, Wikipedia

Results are personal.

They are what YOU want. Remember, that only YOU can achieve them. Results are the direct effect of the work YOU put in. They do not happen overnight. It’s the small choices you make day in and day out, that achieve the greatest results.

You want results, they’re not coming for free.”- Jillian Michaels

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