Squats, Deadlifts, and Diet

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Well it has been a crazy week. A complete change in how I am eating and adding in early morning workouts has been interesting to say the least. I am thankful for my good friend James as he has really been a driving force in getting me out the door each morning and is an excellent motivator when at the gym. My whole routine is entirely different then what pretty much everyone else is doing so here is a snapshot of what is happening….


This is probably the most controversial part of my whole routine. I have pretty much shifted my entire eating pattern. I am eating what would be considered a Paleo Plus Dairy. Ever since my CrossFit Cert I have been reading and studying on hyperinsulinemia and the effects of processed carbs in the American diet. I really am astounded at what I have learned. Also I started listening to Robb Wolf and Andy Deas on their weekly podcast and what they are saying about Paleo makes a lot of sense so I decided to give Paleo a go. I had actually started this before the contest started but really kicked it up a notch with the contest.

Along with eating meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, I am drinking a gallon of whole milk a day. You should see the eyes pop out of peoples heads when I tell them this. Especially when it sinks in that I said WHOLE milk.  All in all I am getting about 2300 calories a day from the milk, plus trying to eat around 2000+ a day. Let me tell you it takes A LOT of veggies to get to 2000 calories!


I am really focusing on a linear progression based off Rippetoe’s Starting Strength model. For the most part I am doing the Strength Workout of the Day (WOD) and the daily metcon (metabolic conditioning or cardio on steroids) WOD’s from CrossFit Football. I just add in the warm ups from SS and scale the metcon as needed. Since I am really striving for mass in the next 4 months I am more concerned with the strength progression then the metcon. Metcon can be recovered quickly once the size has been put on. In doing this I have been focusing on the power movements, the squat, presses, and deadlifts. Mixed in will be pull ups and chin ups some back extension work and the power clean.

Noah Dead LiftThis is going to be a great experience for me as I learn how to program for strength and also work on improving my CrossFit skills. I am trying to shoot some video of my WOD’s so that I can critique them. You should see some of them in the future. It is amazing how something can feel right but when you see yourself do it on video you can see what you are doing wrong. Also having someone there to help out is great.

By the way I have been using the York Bumper Grip Plates and love them, but mostly I have been hammering away using the Wright Rubber Bumpers and I have to say that while the York ones are cool you just can’t beat the Wright plates for price to usefulness. They are a quality plate at a great price.

Get out and train!

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