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2016 Kettlebell Buying Guide – Part 1

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2016 Kettlebell Buying Guide – Part 1 Whether you are new to kettlebells, to working out, or are like me and like to do your research before you make a purchase, I am here to tell you not all kettlebells are created equal. As a manufacture of kettlebells for the past 10 years, CFF is here to guide you and answer some of the most commonly asked questions as well as basic questions you should be asking yourself. What kind of workout will you be doing? Are you Preparing to…read more

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Why Buy Used?

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So, you’re looking at investing in a new piece of fitness equipment for your home. Going to the gym is great, but I’m sure we can all agree… time is valuable. Having a good piece of fitness equipment at home would be a convenience as well as a great investment in your health. Why buy used fitness equipment? Really, the question you should be asking is… Why not? Probably the most enticing reason to buy used is the cost savings. Used equipment can be just a fraction of the cost…read more

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