Top 20 CrossFit® Gift Ideas 2015

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What do you get a Crossfitter for Christmas?

That’s the question.

With Christmas right around the corner, holiday sales and shopping have already begun.

What do you get a CrossFit® enthusiast for Christmas?

This is probably the one question we hear most between October and December. People who don’t totally understand CrossFit® wanting to get their friends and family members gifts, but aren’t sure what those gifts should be. To help answer this question, we took a poll on our Facebook page. (We also asked our newsletter subscribers.)

2015 “Crossfitter Christmas Gift Ideas” Survey

More than 100 items were named. Here’s the top 20 “Crossfitter Christmas Gift Ideas.”

  1. glute ham developer (GHD)
  2. squat stands
  3. sleds
  4. grip tools
  5. The Keystone Bar
  6. floor GHD
  7. fat bar
  8. benches
  9. Thug Mats
  10. lifting belts
  11. weighted vest
  12. wall balls
  13. plyo boxes
  14. kettlebells
  15. USA WOD Bar
  16. dip belt
  17. bumper plates
  18. sandbags
  19. cable attachments
  20. battle rope




What do YOU want for Christmas?

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