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Our Mission

A world where nothing stands in the way of a fitter you. (#afitteru)

What’s standing between you and your goals? It really all depends on your unique situation. Some of the most common answers are time, money, motivation. If our mission is a world where nothing stands in the way of a fitter you, we need to give some thought to what’s actually standing in your way so we can put our heads together and come up with ways to help you over, under, around, and straight through those obstacles.

What, exactly, is “fit?”

It’s interesting to think about fitness in terms of qualification or readiness. When companies interview potential new hires, they’re often looking for “the right fit.” When we buy new clothes, we check the sizes and try them on to make sure they fit. What happens when someone is hired who is not the right fit? When we buy clothes that do not fit?

We often associate “fitness” with physical condition; strength, speed, power, endurance. The reality is, these attributes are desirable because they improve our quality of life by preparing us to do the things we want to do; to do them well, without injury.

the definition of fit

the definition of fit

The definition of fit

Take another look at the definition of fit, pictured above. It might help you to think about fitness (or help someone you know think about fitness) less in terms of diet and exercise and more as readiness to get what we want out of life.

Adapted or suited; appropriate. Are you adapted to the life you want to live? Can you carry in the groceries in a single trip without any trouble? Are you suited to being a parent?

Proper or becoming. Are you comfortable and confident? Do you feel ready for your day and all the challenges it brings? Are you in the right place at the right time?

Qualified of competent, as for an office or function. We’ve all got an activity or two we’d like to do, if not do better and/or more often. Whats’ yours? Are you up for it?

In good physical condition; in good health.

There it is. (You knew it was coming, didn’t you.) Life is easier, more rewarding when we’re in good physical condition. Being healthy feels good. And feeling good makes it easier for us to face life’s challenges head-on. Whether you’re a Crossfit® athlete or crossing guard, powerlifter or parent, running back or running errands, you want to be a good fit for your life.

The question is, what’s standing in the way of a fitter you? The common ones mentioned previously—time, money, motivation—we’d like to help. We price our equipment to be as affordable as possible (and offer finance and lease options) to help with the money part. But we need to put our heads together and help you find more time and motivation to achieve your fitness—aka: life readiness—goals.

Knowledge is power.

We’ve got this blog. We’re gonna start using it more. Our mission is a world where nothing stands in the way of a fitter you. We’re going to start sharing ideas here to help you get a leash on your time, find motivation to break old habits, and empower you to become dedicated to what it takes to build #afitteru.

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Here’s to #afitteru!

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